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Business Consulting

As a business owner, you understand hard work and long hours. You recognize the importance of long-range and strategic planning, but day-to-day responsibilities eat up the hours, and there just isn’t enough time in the day. Consequently, you may worry, and rightly so, that postponed decisions and steps not taken could have a negative impact somewhere down the road. That’s where the team at Carolyn Lloyd-Cohen LLC can really help.

We can guide you through a maze of business requirements and challenges, from profit sharing and pension plans to succession planning and exit strategies. We can sharpen your focus on tax-saving ideas, help you separate your personal wealth from business assets, and help protect your business against the loss of key executives, long-term illness, disability, lawsuits, and the always inevitable death and taxes.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • •  Business Succession Planning and Exit Strategies
  • •  Cross Purchase and Stock Redemption Buy-Sell Analysis
  • •  Pension and Profit Sharing Plan design and administration through our satellite company, Preferred Pensions LLC
  • •  Executive Bonus and Deferred Compensation Plans
  • •  Investment Consulting Services for privately held businesses, corporations, and pension funds
  • •  Business Insurance Planning — Life, Disability and Long Term Care


Our services begin with an in-depth Discovery Process designed to identify and prioritize both short-term and long-term objectives, uncover obstacles that could block your progress, and pinpoint issues of greatest concern. Our professionals will meet with you and your business partners to determine if everyone is on the same page. If not, we will help you find middle ground. A series of fact-finding discussions and personal meetings will bring greater clarity to your current situation, your future aspirations and your readiness to achieve them. Through this shared exploration, we will develop a realistic framework for all subsequent planning, help you make wise choices, and ensure that all decisions and strategies are consistent with your goals and values.

Privately Held and Family Business Consulting

For owners of privately held and family businesses looking to the future, questions can be daunting: How can we preserve our business for future generations? How do we prepare for executive retirements and transitions in leadership? Do we have enough personal assets if the business isn’t as successful as we had hoped? If we decide to sell, who would buy, and how would that affect our employees?

At Carolyn Lloyd-Cohen LLC, we can provide answers. Our professionals are highly skilled in small-business consulting and in every aspect of succession planning. We can help you prepare for a transition in senior management, guide you in developing an effective management team, help you set up systems for seamless continuity, and facilitate the sale or merger of your company if that is your ultimate decision. Because of our proficiency in financial planning and wealth management, we can also help you balance your personal assets, so that not all of your financial resources are tied to your business.

We begin by identifying and defining what is most important to the company’s key individuals and their families, and what is critical to the future of the business itself. On that foundation, the plan is developed. And because implementation is typically a multiyear process, you should begin planning right now—long before you are ready to launch a new lifestyle or a well-deserved retirement, and long before unforeseen circumstances, like a sudden illness, disability, or death, could precipitate a crisis.

Insurance Analysis and Wealth Preservation Techniques

Insurance coverage—such as life, disability or long-term care—can protect your assets from untimely liquidation and help preserve your wealth. Insurance can provide key person coverage for your business, funding for a buy-sell agreement, liquidity for family income, or the wherewithal to pay off bank loans or taxes.

Life insurance should be considered one of your asset classes. It is not a commodity, but a sophisticated financial planning tool. Choices are based on a myriad of objectives and considerations depending upon the purpose of the insurance: Are you covering a loan, meeting a short or long-term need, do you want cash accumulation, do you want an abbreviated or lifetime premium payment? Product design is also critical, and the magnitude of options can be staggering: Do you need temporary or permanent coverage, do you want to pay more now or less later, do you want the underlying investments in the policy tied to the stock market, an index, or in a fixed investment?

Dealing with issues like these is a core competency of Carolyn Lloyd-Cohen LLC. We understand life insurance and the importance of its coordination within your estate plan. Because we are not affiliated with any one carrier, we have the independence to conduct impartial in force policy review and benefit analysis to determine whether your coverage is consistent with your current objectives and risk tolerance. And, if not, we can offer a solution.

As a member of PartnersFinancial, a national independent financial services organization owned by more than 200 member firms, we have preferred access to the industry’s leading carriers. We are positioned to achieve the most competitive underwriting results possible, and we can provide the resources for specialized products and sophisticated strategies.

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